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Allah supported His honorable Prophets with astounding miracles that prove their truthfulness. Our Prophet, peace be upon him, had the most miracles. Among them were: the honorable Qur’an, the splitting of the moon, ‘Isra’ and Mi^raj, the food that mentioned Allah in front of him, the tree that came to him when he called, and others. The number of miracles was two to three thousand.

The Muslims returned to the enlightened Madinah after securing a victory in the Battle of Badr. The blasphemers, on the other hand, returned to the honorable Makkah defeated and shamed. Among the blasphemers were two men, ^Umayr bin Wahb and Safwan bin Ummayah.

Defeat lit a spark of hatred in their hearts and together they planned to kill the Prophet. They sat near the Ka^bah and Safwan said to ^Umayr, “Go to al-Madinah and kill Muhammad. I will take care of any debts you owe and look after your children.”

^Umayr sharpened his sword and dipped it in poison. He then headed towards the enlightened Madinah to meet the Prophet. ^Umar bin al-Khattab knew ^Umayr and wanted to stop him from meeting with the Prophet. But the Prophet, peace be upon him, ordered ^Umayr to be allowed in.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, asked ^Umayr, “What brings you here ^Umayr?”

^Umayr lied saying, “You hold a captive that I would like released.” The Prophet looked at him and asked, “Then why do you have the sword hung around your neck.” ^Umayr had hidden the sword in a way that no one could see it. He answered the Prophet, again lying, “I only forgot it in around my neck when I came.” The Prophet, peace be upon him, then asked, “What promise did Safwan bin Ummayyah make to you?”

Now ^Umayr became frightened and asked, “What promise did he make?”

The Prophet, peace be upon him, answered, “You kill me and he will take care of your children and pay your debts. But Allah will protect me from you.”

Upon hearing that, ^Umayr became sure of the Prophethood of Muhammad and the truthfulness of his claim so he said, “I bare witness that no one is God except Allah and I bare witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” And by that he embraced Islam. For he knew that no one had overheard his conversation with Safwan and that Allah had given the Prophet knowledge of that conversation through revelation.

^Umayr returned to the honorable Makkah as a Muslim because of the great miracle he witnessed. Many people embraced Islam as a result of his Islam because he was brave and strong, a man whom people respected and obeyed, may Allah raise his rank and grant him what makes him happy.