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I start my madih with Bismillah Reminding you to obey Allah
First you learn about the 2 Shahadahs Never, never commit any of the riddah
I know, I believe and I declare that no one is God except Allah
For us we need to be prepared we're gonna be asked in the Akhirah
Here's for us is a good advice
Always do good deeds not the otherwise
Die as Muslims we go to Paradise

Insha' Allah
Preserve your faith, be careful with your tongue
Do a lot of good deeds while you're young
Always be concerned with your Iman
By doing the halal and avoiding the haram
In this world there's a lot of temptation
Avoid all the sins and do the obligations
Follow al-Islam the only true religion
To the Creator, our total submission.


I Start My Madih with Bismillah
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