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The companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, used to meet in a house in al Madinah, which was shaded by green palm trees. Many of them were poor and could not find enough to eat; some of them were so poor they did not even have a place to sleep. They would spend the night in a place the Prophet, peace be upon him, had prepared for them.

These companions were constantly with Prophet learning and memorizing the Islamic knowledge in the blessed sessions of knowledge. At the end of one of these sessions, the Prophet asked, "Do any of you have food?" One of the companions had a small amount of food which he began preparing, even though the companions present were around 130.

In the meantime, the Prophet heard sheep outside. He bought one of them and gave it to a companion who slaughtered, skinned, cut, and prepared it to be cooked. The Prophet gave instructions to roast the sheep's liver and bring it to him.

When the roasted liver was given to the Prophet he started cutting it into pieces and giving the companions. They would say Bismillah and eat from it, until all 130 companions had eaten. All of those who were there ate, and food was put aside for those not there at that moment.

Then the food that the companion had begun preparing was brought in two large containers. The Prophet made a kind and pleasing supplication and ordered the companions to say Bismillah and eat, which they happily did.

After all those present were full, there was still a lot of food left over. It was all put into the two large containers and then put on a camel's back. The companions went around giving food to other poor companions who might need it.

The blessing of the Prophet was apparent and a marvelous miracle occurred for him because the liver and the food fed this big number of honourable companions.