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The Creed of Muslims - ^Aqidah of Ibn^Asakir

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Shaykh Fakhrud-Din Ibn ^Asakir, may Allah have mercy upon him, said:

"Know, may Allah guide us and you, that it is obligatory upon every accountable person to know that Allah is the only God in His Dominion.

He created the entire world, the upper and lower, the ^Arsh and Kursiyy, the heavens and earth, and what is in them and in between them.

All the creation is subjugated by His Power. No speck moves except by His will. He has no manager for the creation with Him, and has no partner in Dominion. He is attributed with Life and is Qayyum. He is not seized by somnolence or sleep.

He is the One Who knows about the unforeseen and what is evidenced by His creation. Nothing on earth or in heaven is hidden from Him. He knows what is on land and in sea. Not a leaf does fall but He knows about it. There is no grain in the darkness of earth, nor anything which is moist or dry but is inscribed in a clear Book. His Knowledge encompasses everything. He knows the count of all things.

He does whatever He wills. He has the power to do whatever He wills. To Him is the Dominion and He needs none; To Him belong the Glory and Everlastingness. To Him are the Ruling and al-Qada' (the Creating). He has the Names of Perfection. No one hinders what He decreed. No one prevents what He gives. He does in His dominion whatever He wills. He rules His creation with whatever He wills.
He does not hope for reward and does not fear punishment.

There is no right on Him that is binding, and no one exercises rule over Him.

Every endowment from Him is due to His Generosity and every punishment from Him is just. He is not questioned about what He does, but they are questioned.

He existed before the creation. He does not have a before or an after. He does not have an above or a below, a right or a left, an in front of or a behind, a whole or a part.

It must not be said: When was He? Or where was He? Or how is He? He existed without a place. He created the universe and willed for the existence of time. He is not bound to time and is not designated with place.

His management of one matter does not distract Him from another. Delusions do not apply to Him, and He is not encompassed by the mind. He is not conceivable in the mind. He is not imagined in the self nor pictured in delusions. He is not grasped with delusions or thoughts.
This Ayah means: [Nothing is like Him and He is attributed with Hearing and Sight.]"


Arabic Text:


عقيدة الحافظ فخر الدين ابن عساكر رحمه الله - اضط هنا لتحفيظ الصوت
قال الشيخ فخر الدين بن عساكر رحمه الله:
[اعلم أرشدَنا الله وإياكَ أنه يجبُ على كلّ مكلَّف أن يعلمَ أن الله عزَّ وجلَّ واحدٌ في مُلكِه، خلقَ العالمَ بأسرِهِ العلويَّ والسفليَّ والعرشَ والكرسيَّ، والسَّمواتِ والأرضَ وما فيهما وما بينهما. جميعُ الخلائقِ مقهورونَ بقدرَتِهِ، لا تتحركُ ذرةٌ إلا بإذنِهِ، ليسَ معهُ مُدبّرٌ في الخَلقِ ولا شريكٌ في المُلكِ، حيٌّ قيومٌ لا تأخذُهُ سِنةٌ ولا نومٌ، عالمُ الغيب والشهادةِ، لا يَخفى عليهِ شىءٌ في الأرضِ ولا في السماءِ، يعلمُ ما في البرّ، والبحرِ وما تسقطُ من ورقةٍ إلا يعلمُهَا، ولا حبةٍ في ظلماتِ الأرضِ ولا رَطبٍ ولا يابسٍ إلا في كتابٍ مبين. أحاط بكلّ شىءٍ علمًا وأحصى كلَّ شىءٍ عددًا، فعالٌ لما يريدُ، قادرٌ على ما يشاءُ، له الملكُ وله الغِنَى، وله العزُّ والبقاءُ، ولهُ الحكمُ والقضاءُ، ولهُ الأسماءُ الحسنى، لا دافعَ لما قضى، ولا مانعَ لما أعطى، يفعلُ في مُلكِهِ ما يريدُ، ويحكمُ في خلقِه بما يشاءُ.

لا يرجو ثوابًا ولا يخافُ عقابًا، ليس عليه حقٌّ [يلزمُهُ] ولا عليه حكمٌ، وكلُّ نِعمةٍ منهُ فضلٌ وكلُّ نِقمةٍ منه عدلٌ، لا يُسئلُ عما يفعلُ وهم يسألونَ. موجودٌ قبل الخلقِ، ليس له قبلٌ ولا بعدٌ، ولا فوقٌ ولا تحتٌ، ولا يَمينٌ ولا شمالٌ، ولا أمامٌ ولا خلفٌ، ولا كلٌّ، ولا بعضٌ.

ولا يقالُ متى كانَ ولا أينَ كانَ ولا كيفَ، كان ولا مكان، كوَّنَ الأكوانَ ودبَّر الزمانَ، لا يتقيَّدُ بالزمانِ ولا يتخصَّصُ بالمكان، ولا يشغلُهُ شأنٌ عن شأن، ولا يلحقُهُ وهمٌ، ولا يكتَنِفُهُ عقلٌ، ولا يتخصَّصُ بالذهنِ، ولا يتمثلُ في النفسِ، ولا يتصورُ في الوهمِ، ولا يتكيَّفُ في العقلِ، لا تَلحقُهُ الأوهامُ والأفكارُ، (لَيْسَ كَمِثلِهِ شَىءٌ وَهُوَ السَّمِيعُ البَصِيرُ) اهـ.]