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Warning from some perverted Tariqahs of Today

Brother Muslim: Be warned against some of the followers of the Tijaniyyah tariqah who say about Prophet Muhammad he is the Self of Allah. This is blasphemy. We do not confirm that statement was said by the founder of the tariqah; rather, we recognize that some of the people who practice the Tijaniyyah tariqah say it.

Also, be warned of another group who link themselves to the Dandarawiyyah tariqah who say: "O Allah, raise the rank of all the creatures and their creations." They claim the creatures create, meaning the creatures bring things from the state of non-existence into the state of existence. They belong to the school of the Mu^tazilah and the school of Hizb at-Tahrir, both of whom claim that the creatures create their own actions.

Also be warned against a faction known as ad-Daghistaniyyah who claim to follow the Naqshabandiyyah tariqah. They follow a man called ^Abdullah ad- Daghistaniyyah, who claimed he died and 124,000 prophets came and brought him back to life. He said he would not die again until the mahdiyy appears, and that he would live for seven years with the Imam al-Mahdiyy. Allahu akbar; he died about four months after he made that claim! Among his misguided sayings is: "He who recites the Fatihah will receive merits and benefits that no one among the waliyys or the prophets of Allah will receive--even if the person who recites the Fatihah was openly a blasphemer or a hypocrite who conceals his blasphemy." ^Abdullah ad- Daghistaniyyah’s successor is a man named Nadhim al-Qubrusiyy, also known as Nadhim al-Haqqaniyy. His group is present in this country represented by a misguided man by the name of Hisham Qabbaniyy and in other countries represented by his brother, ^Adnan Qabbaniyy. They have several followers who follow them in ignorance.

Be warned, also, of a man by the name of Amin Shaykhu who died and was succeeded by a man named ^Abdul Hadi Albaniyy. They also claim to follow the Naqshabandiyyah tariqah. They say: "Allah willed for all to die as believers, however His Will was not fulfilled in most cases." They say: "Before creating the blasphemer, Allah did not know he will commit blasphemy." To them, Allah knew about their blasphemy after He created them. By this, they attribute ignorance and change to Allah--clear blasphemy from them!!!