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Can I use a Masbaha with wittings on Beads for Zikr?

Question - I was given a masbaha as a gift and each bead (7abbe) on the
masbaha has the words Muhammad and Allah on it. Is it permissible to sabbeh
with it...Wa assalamo alaikom

Answer - Praise be to Allah, and may Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad. Yes it is Allowed to use those beads for tasbih.

Our master Abu Huraryrah used to have a string that had 2,000 knots. It was confirmed that He used to make every day 12,000 Tasbihah. He used to say out of humblness: "I make tasbih based on the number of my sins". There's no difference in using the Masbahah of today and the string that our master Abu Hurarah used to use.

And Allah knows Best