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The Light of Islam


Title 1: A Day Will Surely Come
Duration: 4:18
Size: 3.9 MB
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A Day Will Surely Come


A day will surely come, and it is oh so near.
The horn will twice be blown, and the changed earth will appear
We ask our Lord so much for protection on that day,
for when the bad are gathered they cannot run away,
No, they cannot run away, they cannot run away,
they cannot run away from the terrors on that day.
Some are dragged upon their face and others will be bare,
but the best of men are ridding, and good clothes they all shall wear.
And will you be of those, and will you be of those,
and will you be of those who are riding and are clothed ?
A balance there shall be, weighing hasanat, and also sayyi'at but we don't want some of that.
No, we don't want some of that, we don't want some of that,
We ask Allah our balance will be filled with hasanat.
When we cross on as-Sirat,
we ask that we don't fall, and instead that we will fly and have no fear at all.
And have no fear at all, and have no fear at all,
we ask that we will fly and have no fear at all.
And Taha we ask you that you will intercede, for the great sinners, for that is what they need.
That is what they need, that is what they need,
O Taha intercede, for that is what they need.

Title 2: City of Madinah
Duration: 3:01
Size: 1.7 MB
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City of Madinah


O are you going to the city of Madinah?
Are you going to visit my beloved.
O are you going to the city of Madinah?
To be with Taha the best of all the Prophets.
And when you go to the city of Madinah, send my salam to our hearts' delight,
send my salam to the best of all creation,
to him whose sight we yearn for every night.
And when you stand before him at his grave,
O won't you ask for us his intercession.
And when you stand before him at his grave,
please don't forget us in your supplication.
For he's the one the weeping camel spoke to, and he's the one the moaning trunk yearned for.
O he's the one the trees and rocks greeted with,
assalamu ^alayka, ya Rasullallah.
So won't you say when you face him at his grave assala mu ^alayka, ya Rasullallah.
Assalamu ^alayka ya Nabbiyyallah.
Assalamu ^alayka ya Habiballah.
O won't you pray for us in al-Madinah.
Pray that Allah grants us his generosities,
pray by the virtue and the glory of our prophet
Nabiyy Muhammad, the Prophet of mercy.

Title 3: Creator of the Earth and Sky
Duration: 2:51
Size: 2.65 MB
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Creator of the Earth and Sky


Allah Allah Allah Ya Allahu Allah
Creator of the earth and sky, we ask for a rank that's high.
We obey in word and deed, the Prophet's teachings we must heed.
Allah Allah Allah This world is a trial for us,
and we well kow that we must obey the orders from our Lord to avoid all sin and seek reward.
Allah Allah Allah
Our hearts quake with fear of You,
our hearts wake with love for You,
and to Islam we must be true,
in everything we think and do
Allah Allah Allah
To people we have brought our call,
men and women one and all,
La ilaha illallah, No one is God except Allah.

Title 4: Everyday
Duration: 4:11
Size: 3.8 MB
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Everyday is filled with blessings.
Don't you see them? Just look around.
Everyday is filled with blessings, yes It is.
Look for the blessings you have not yet found.
If you have sight, that sight is a blessing.
If you can hear, what a blessing you have.
If you have kissed the hand of a scholar of Islam
you have a blessing which others have not had.
So thank your Lord for all of your blessings.
Don't forget to thank Him night and day.
You thank your Lord for the blessings that He gives,
when you use those blessings from your lord to obey.
Obey what God ordered you to do.
Don't do what is forbidden for you.
Observe what you do and don't commit sins.
Be among those Muslims who win.
We are Muslim,
we will strive for our faith as long as we're alive.
We are Muslim, we stand tall.
Those who mock us are the ones who fall.
We are Muslim, we're not shy, to spread our faith, we'll travel low and high.
We are Muslim, we are proud, instead of hiding truth we'll speak of it out loud.
We are Muslim, we are strong.
Our faith is right, its certainly not wrong.
We are Muslim, we are wise.
Muslims are guaranteed to go to Paradise.

Title 5: Fear Allah
Duration: 3:45
Size: 3.4 MB
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Fear Allah


Don't you fear Allah,
won't you fear Allah When you are Alone, inside your home
Know that this is true, Allah for sure sees you,
and if you speak a word, for sure Allah has heard,
no matter what you do, Allah knows about you.
We are going to die, your body it will lye
down into the earth, covered up with dirt
for some it will be dark, their bodies will be marked,
The earth will close on them until their ribs are rimmed.
On the Day of Judgement,
the people will be raised some will have no clothes,
some will be dark faced
from dragging on the ground and they will be disgraced.
What will they do when this day comes true.
Crossing the sirat, some people will be clawed,
it will pull them to the edge, and leave them at the ledge
Below them is Hell, so scared they almost fell
some will go right in, the pain of burning skin.
The torture is so great, the people want to drink,
they look for the relief, that is what they think.
They'll get molten hot pus, they drink it in disgust,
as it travels down their mouth, it rips them inside out.

Title 6: I know I have a Creator
Duration: 2:32
Size: 1.5 MB
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I know I have a Creator


Look at the order around you, how the night turns into day.
Look at the order around you, what do you have to say?
( I say ) I know I have a Creator.
He created you and me.
Yes I know I have a Creator and He created you and He created me
And all the wonders we see.
When we see a seed and how tiny it is we don't know what it will be.
We may not guess it would grow and grow and turn into a mighty tree.
Look at your self with blood that flows and how the infant grows.
Does anyone make his own heart beat?
Think of what this shows.
Think of the beautiful things you see.
Think of the stars so high.
They can guide a traveler as he looks up to the sky.
(From this) I know I have a Creator.
I'm sure because of wonders I see.
Yes, I know I have a Creator.
And He is not like you and He is not like me.
And He is not like the wonders we see.

Title 7: I Start My Madih
Duration: 1:44
Size: 1.6 MB
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I Start My Madih


I start my madih with Bismillah Reminding you to obey Allah
First you learn about the 2 Shahadahs Never, never commit any of the riddah
I know, I believe and I declare that no one is God except Allah
For us we need to be prepared we're gonna be asked in the Akhirah
Here's for us is a good advice
Always do good deeds not the otherwise
Die as Muslims we go to Paradise
Insha' Allah
Preserve your faith, be careful with your tongue
Do a lot of good deeds while you're young
Always be concerned with your Iman
By doing the halal and avoiding the haram
In this world there's a lot of temptation
Avoid all the sins and do the obligations
Follow al-Islam the only true religion
To the Creator, our total submission.

Title 8: Make Salah
Duration: 2:40
Size: 2.4 MB
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Make Salah


Make Salah, make Salah, to Allah make Salah.
Try so hard to obey, make Salah every day.
O Allah, O Allah, O Allah, O Allah,
Make Salah make Salah to Allah make Salah.
Make Salah in the the night make Salah when its light.
O Allah, we obey and we pray everyday.
If You willed we obey we will pray everyday.
Make Salah, make Salah , to Allah make Salah,
Make Salah in the time that is blessed and sublime.
Make Salah, make Salah, to Allah make Salah,
With the fear in your heart let the prayer from you start.
Make Salah, make Salah,
To Allah make Salah,
If with patience you try, then your rank will get high.
Make Salah, make Salah, to Allah make Salah,
Try so hard to obey make Salah every day.

Title 9: Patience is Beautiful
Duration: 2:02
Size: 1.9 MB
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Patience is Beautiful


If you find that things are hard, don't despair
If troubles come to you in life, don't throw your hands up in the air.
Remember the ones who are great, the ones who appreciate, that when trials are sent to you,
there's a way to see them through, and to get reward for it to.
Remember the Prophets and al awliya',
and how they were patient with their bala'.
Sabrun jamil, patience is beautiful
(If you're sad don't get mad just say these words then you'll be glad)
(If troubles come to you in life think of a hereafter without strife)

Title 10: The Attributes of Allah - (Rap)
Duration: 2:36
Size: 1.5 MB
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The Attributes of Allah - (Rap)


Droppin' facts to fill the cracks.
Uplift your mind 'cause my raps uproot.
This knowledge surpasses that of any college.
Those who deny would catch a boot to the back.
The topic is "Attributes of Allah", the only One with no beginning, who exists without a flaw.
He exists without a place and He's Eternal and Everlasting.
He created good and evil and the smallest to the most vast thing and everything in between,every good and bad dream.
He has sight without eyes and sees all things that can be seen.
He has no shape, no color, no father, or mother.
In fact, whatever you can imagine,
Allah is other than that.
He's not a female.
We call Him "He" though He's not a man.
We call Him "He" cause he referred to Himself as "Huwa" in al-Quran.
And only believers will be forgiven, so repent now while you're livin' and refrain from doing evil with the endowments Allah has given.
Like using your hands for theft or the heart for the wrong belief;
'cause the non-believers who go to hell will fall for seventy years with no relief.
And when they hit the bottom they will never be released.
'Cause in the fire there's no peace.
The grief will never cease or decrease.
So in your heart there should be fears for the One who hears without ears.
Before the sun comes from the West you best repent and do your prayers.
If I awaken from a dream by a sunbeam created by Al-^Alim.
If I overslept, I pray Al-Fajr so I'll be clean on Yawmud-din,
Try not to eat my fill.
I'm from a nation of moderation (al-hamdulillah).
He gave accommodation with no obligations.
Look at God's creation and try to develop an understanding.
Don't wanna fall seventy years before landing so I worry about the Islam thing.
And never forget Salatul ^Asr in the afternoon.
I don't want a fate like al-fasiquna wal-kafirun.
Learn of the teachings of the Prophet and his miracles.
Heed his warnings of a torture that's terrible and unbearable.
Because Allah will send Munkar and Nakir to hit the kafir with a hammer behind his head between his ears.
And when in his grave, his place in hellfire will be seen.
And when his body decays, the soul will go down to sijjin, which is a place in the creation.
The soul receives torture in that section until the day of the resurrection and the questions.
So my suggestion:
Do your best in Islam and endeavor.
The hardships of this short life can earn you the pleasures of al-Jannah forever.
The everlasting treasures you can't measure.
So if you wake before shuruq, perform wudu' and pray al-Fajr.
Avoid the sins of the eyes and the tongue.
And fear Allah constantly.
And if it's hot outside, sister, still cover yourself properly.
Embrace it, you can't escape that Death is coming at you.
Assalamu ^alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Title 11: The Lord of Creation
Duration: 2:55
Size: 2.70 MB
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The Lord of Creation


The Lord of Creation created everything
The Lord of creation does not need anything
The Lord of creation is not like anything
Allah is not like anything at all
Allah made the pearls in the deepest oceans.
He brings from the darkest earths gold and silver and perfect diamonds.
Allah made the flowers, sweet and bitter fruits.
He knows all the leaves that fall in the silent and lonely woods.
Allah made the plants grow,
He makes them grow and die.
And when the earth is dry He sends rain from beyond the sky.
Allah made the sea, the winds and the changing tides.
He made the morning sun shine away dark and starry nights.
Allah made the lightning, the storms and rolling thunders.
He made the winters pass into warm and shooting summers.
Allah made the ^Arsh beyond the seven skies.
He made it as a ceiling for the gardens of Paradise.

Title 12: True Love
Duration: 3:50
Size: 3.50 MB
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True Love


O those Who Seek True Love the meaning of true love,
true love is loving for the sake of God.
Advising each other to follow the Messenger.
And do the good deeds for the sake of God.
The pious ones who love for the sake of God,
will be in the shade on the day of Judgement,
in the shadow of the ceiling of Paradise,
Rejoicing in their happiness that remains.
The pious ones who love for the sake of God,
remind each other of the day of Judgement,
and of the hellfire that nobody can bear,
And to fear Allah who created everything.
The pious ones who love for the sake Of God,
help each other work for the day of Judgement,
they gather in worship with true sincerity,
And help each other leave the evil deeds.

The Light of Islam