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Ya Nabiy Salam Alayka! يا نبي سلام عليك

Ya Nabiy Salam Alayka! يا نبي سلام عليك

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Photo - Ya Nabiy Salam Alayka! يا نبي سلام عليك Information

Description: Ya Nabiy Salam Alayka (English)!

Ya Nabiyy Salam ^Alayka

Ya Nabiyy, Salam ^Alayka
Ya Rasul Salam ^Alayka
Ya Habib Salam ^Alayka
Salawat Allah ^Alayka

As a mercy You came to us
Showing us the truth so clear
You are loved by millions worldwide
To our hearts you are so dear

How we wish to see Your bright face
Shining with those beautiful eyes
How we wish to be with You
Enjoying the bliss of Paradise

Jesus had foretold your coming
So did Abraham and Moses
One belief the Prophets taught
Islam is what Prophets brought

In Mecca You stood with courage
Even when Your foes were scheming
The unjust had harmed You however
The clear truth You kept on teaching

Al-Madina has great honor
With the final Messenger
Al-Madina saw true justice
When You were its Pious Leader

From the oceans of Your knowledge
We have seen such precious pearls
Your guidance is such great blessings
From Allah, Lord of the Worlds
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