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What's the purpose of Mi^raj? اسراء معراجnew

What's the purpose of Mi^raj? اسراء معراج

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Description: What's the purpose of Mi^raj?

As per the to ayah, it is to honor our Prophet peace be upon him by showing the wonders of the upper world.

The Prophet saw different creations on the night of his ascension. He saw Malik, the angel in charge of the Hellfire. Malik did not smile at the Prophet when he saw him, and the Prophet asked Jibril why Malik did not. In answer to the Prophet's question, Jibril said, "Malik did not smile since the day Allah created him and if he were to smile at anybody he would have smiled at you."

* The Prophet (Sallallahu ^Alayhi Wa Sallam) also saw the Throne (^Arsh), which is the ceiling of Paradise. The Throne is the largest creation of Allah in size; Allah did not create anything bigger in size than it. The seven heavens and the earth in comparison to the Kursiyy, are like a ring thrown in a desert, and the Kursiyy in comparison to the Throne, is like a ring thrown in a desert. The seven heavens and the earth in comparison to the Throne are like a seed of mustard compared to the ocean. Allah created the Throne as a sign of His Power and He did not create the Throne to sit on it. Allah exists without being in a place, He is not an image or a body and is not bound to a place or directions.

Allah created the Throne to show His Power. It is carried by four angels, and on the Day of Judgment, it will be carried by eight. The Prophet said he was permitted to speak about one of these angels who carry the Throne. In describing this angel, the Prophet told us the distance between his ear lobe and shoulder is the distance a fast-flying bird would cover in 700 years.

Then the Prophet ascended beyond Paradise. He reached a place where he heard the creaking of the pens used by the angels who are copying from the Preserved Tablet. It is at that location that Prophet Muhammad heard the Kalam(Speech) of Allah, which does not resemble our speech--it is not something occurring bit after bit. It is not letter after letter or a word that comes after another word. Rather, it is an attribute of Allah which is eternal and everlasting, and does not resemble the attributes of the creation.
The Prophet peace be upon him understood several things from hearing the Kalam of Allah. He understood the obligation of the five Obligatory Prayers and that Allah forgives the major sins of the believers for whomever He wills.

After witnessing all these events the Prophet returned to the city of Makkah. Some scholars said the Prophet's journey took about one-third of the night.

We ask Allah to bless us with seeing it and eating from its fruits and from the fruits of Paradise by the virtue of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam.

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