Hadiths on Appearance of Imam Mahdiy

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, to Him belong the endowments and proper commendations. May Allah raise the rank of our Master Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam and his kind Al and Companions and protect his nation from what he fears for it.

Among the last of the small signs yet to happen is the appearance of our Master al-Mahdiyy. This was mentioned by the Prophet in a hadith:

«لا تقومُ السّاعَةُ حتى يَملِكَ النَاسَ رجلٌ من أهلِ بيتي يواطىءُ اسمُهُ اسمي واسمُ أبيهِ اسمَ أبي فيملؤها – أي الأرض- قِسطًا وعدلاً»

It means: “The Day of Judgment will occur only after a man from my descendants comes forth. His name is like mine and his father’s name is like my father’s name. He will fill the earth with peace and justice as it had been congested with corruption and injustice.”

This hadith has been related by Ibn-Hibban in his book as-Sahih and by Abu Dawud in his book as-Sunnan and by at-Tirmidhiyy in his book al-Jami^ and al-Hakim in his book called al-Mustadrak, as it was in turn, related from the companion ^Abdullah Ibn Mas^ud, may Allah raise his rank, as he heard it from the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Known as al-Mahdiyy, his full name is Muhammad Ibn^ Abdillah. He will be from the descendants of either al-Hasan or al-Husayn, the sons of Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet.

Initially, in his mission, al-Mahdiyy will be accompanied by an angel. This angel will call unto the people “Oh people he is the Caliph (Khalifah) of Allah al-Mahdiyy so follow his path.”

It was mentioned from the route of the Companions that when al-Mahdiyy appears, he will come out from Madinah accompanied with one-thousand angels; three hundred from the awliya’ (upright Muslims) will wait for him in Makkah; they will be the first ones to pledge allegiance to him. Then an army will set forth to fight him, Allah will then make the earth cave in underneath them. After that al-Mahdiyy will come to the land of ash-Sham.

A famine will take place during the days of al-Mahdiyy, the complete believer will be satisfied by mentioning the name of Allah and Glorifying Him.

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