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Question about repentance..

Question - If you repent towards a particular sin and clean your heart from it, but then you get tempted again, does this temptation mean that your heart hasn't been cleaned from this sin or it is just shaytan trying to corrupt you again? In other words if your hearts clean from this sin does temptation towards it mean that you havent repented properly or is it alwayz going to be a part of life, even when you are clean from that sin you are still goin to be tempted by evil?

Answer - Praise be to Allah and may Allah raise the rank of our Master Muhammad and protect his nation from that which he feared for them.

If one's repentance satisfied all the condition his sins will be erased. However if one returned to the sin then the sin will be written against him, but the previous sin which he did at the first time will not be written against him.

The complete repentance ( tawbah nasouh) is much better, i.e. one will not do the sin which he repented of again.  

What is repentance (Tawbah)?
A: Repentance is regretting, refraining and intending not to commit the sin after that. If the sin was leaving out an obligation one makes it up and if it involved neglecting a right to a human, one satisfies it or seeks the person’s pardon.

Q: If one repents for a sin committed because he lost money or a worldly affair and not out of being sorry for disobeying Allah, would that fulfill the conditions of repentance?
A: No, such a thing is not sufficient.

Q: Is it required upon one to ask Allah for forgiveness with his tongue for his repentance to be valid?
A: No, it is not required upon one to ask Allah for forgiveness with his tongue. That is, one does not have to say with his tongue: I ask Allah for forgiveness, for his repentance to be valid.

And Allah knows best.