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Men and women are one of the creations of Allah. They are distinct from plants, animals, jinn, and angels. They were created after angels and jinn; the first man was created from clay. Allah puts a soul into man but in no way is man's soul Allah, or "a part of Allah". The first man was Adam and all human beings come from his family. Adam had no mother or father; he was created and given life by Allah. Allah created a wife for Adam who bore his children. Allah created the human beings to order them to believe, profess the truth about Allah and His messengers, worship Allah only, and follow His orders during life on earth. Some of mankind has and does worship Allah correctly, obeys His orders, and will be rewarded beyond imagination. Some of mankind has not and will not worship Allah correctly and will be punished by Allah with severity in Hellfire.

This life of a human or jinn always ends with death and there is no exception. Humans do not choose their race, sex, parents, or birthplace and will not be held accountable for those aspects of their life on the Day of Judgment. No human is doomed to Hell because he was born as a certain sex or race. Allah the Merciful has promised any human or jinn who dies as a follower of the true Religion will receive Paradise forever. Those people who truly never heard about the correct belief in Allah and any of the messengers during their entire lifetime and died in that state will not go to Hellfire. But those sane and pubescent people who have heard of the correct belief in Allah and His messenger and die not embracing this true Religion will dwell in Hell forever.

The correct belief in Allah has never changed and every prophet and messenger has said the same concerning belief in Allah: No one is God but Allah and mankind is to believe in Him and worship Him only. The prophet for the people on earth at present is Muhammad, may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him, and the laws for the present population are the laws that Prophet Muhammad was given by Allah for mankind. There will be no new laws given, for there will be no new messenger.

Usually, the person is given one life in this world, so a person is wise to live this life correctly. No matter how appealing it is to some people, they will not "reincarnate" after they die. This and other false beliefs about mankind and Allah are whispered into human's minds by Satan and the devils, and some men are fooled into believing them.