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Droppin' facts to fill the cracks.  Uplift your mind 'cause my raps uproot. This knowledge surpasses that of any college. Those who deny would catch a boot to the back.

The topic is "Attributes of Allah", the only One with no beginning, who exists without a flaw. He exists without a place and He's Eternal and Everlasting.

He created good and evil and the smallest to the most vast thing and everything in between, every good and bad dream. He has sight without eyes and sees all things that can be seen. He has no shape, no color, no father, or mother. In fact, whatever you can imagine, Allah is other than that. He's not a female. We call Him "He" though He's not a man.

We call Him "He" cause he referred to Himself as "Huwa" in al-Qura n. And only believers will be forgiven, so repent now while you're livin' and refrain from doing evil with the endowments Allah has given. Like using your hands for theft or the heart for the wrong belief; 'cause the non-believers who go to hell will fall for seventy years with no relief.

And when they hit the bottom they will never be released. 'Cause in the fire there's no peace.   The grief will never cease or decrease.  

So in your heart there should be fears for the One who hears without ears. Before the sun comes from the West you best repent and do your prayers. If I awaken from a dream by a sunbeam created by Al-^Alim. If I overslept, I pray Al-Fajr so I'll be clean on Yawmud-din,  Try not to eat my fill.  I'm from a nation of moderation (al-hamdulillah).  

He gave accommodation with no obligations. Look at God's creation and try to develop an understanding. Don't wanna fall seventy years before landing so I worry about the Islam thing.  And never forget Salatul ^Asr in the afternoon. I don't want a fate like al-fasiquna wal-kafirun. Learn of the teachings of the Prophet and his miracles. Heed his warnings  of a torture that's terrible and unbearable.

Because Allah will send Munkar and Nakir to hit the kafir with a hammer behind his head between his ears.   And when in his grave, his place in hellfire will be seen.  And when his body decays, the soul will go down to sijjin, which is a place in the creation.  The soul receives  torture in that section until the day of the resurrection and the questions. S

o my suggestion:  Do your best in Islam and endeavor.  The hardships of this short life can earn you the pleasures of al-Jannah forever. The everlasting treasures you can't measure. So if you wake before shuruq, perform wudu' and pray al-Fajr. Avoid the sins of the eyes and the tongue.  A

nd fear Allah constantly.  And if it's hot outside, sister, still cover yourself properly. Embrace it, you can't escape that Death is coming at you .  Assalamu ^alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.