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"Whatever you imagine in your tini-wini little mind, Allah is different from that."


"Allah is not bound by time or place."


"Books are not teachers."


"Judge yourself before you are judged."


"Let not the blessings distract you from the One who gave you them (God)."


"With organization you will find success."


"Don't look at what you don't have and others do

But rather look at what you have and others don't."


"With regard to meat, if you have doubt, leave it out."


"The one of us who thinks he has no shortcomings is full of them, and the one who sees himself full of shortcomings has good sight and insight."


"To achieve what you love you need to be steadfast with that which you do not love."


"Never trade something for nothing in life unless your doing it for the sake of Allah."


"Beautify your hearts with the love of Muhammad

Sall-Allahu ^alyhi wa sallam."


"Just as you wash your hands from something dirty

Wash your heart with thikr (God's remembrance)."


"This life is not a box of chocolates and not made for pleasure."