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Beliefs of the Muslims

Bismillah, I start by the name of Allah and ask Allah to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad ameen.

Knowing the Islamic belief is among the most important matters in Islam. And when we say Islamic belief it means:

1. Talking about God, Allah, and his attributes.
Ex: Allah is one, he has no partner in Godhood.

2. Defining the attributes of Allah and what befits and what does not befit Allah.
Ex: Allah is attributed with perfection; He is powerful and Merciful. Allah is clear from imperfection; He does not need any of his creations, He does NOT get weak.

3. Talking about the Prophets of Allah an their attributes.
Ex: All prophets of Allah came with Islam; From Adam to Muhammad, they all worshiped Allah.

4. Defining the attributes of the Prophets and what befits them and what does not befit them.
Ex: All prophets were honest, brave, trustworthy slaves of Allah; Prophets do not commit blasphemy, major sins or mean sins. They do not lie and they never disobey Allah.

So, Allah is one he has no partner. Allah created everything, and does not need any of his creations. Allah sent prophets to spread the religion of Islam. All prophets were Muslims. Prophet do not disbelieve in Allah, they do not commit blasphemy, major sins or mean abject sins.

This is Islamic Belief. That’s the creed of the Muslims, the fundamentals of Islam.


Allah(Almighty, Subhananhu)

Allah is one.
Allah is great.
Allah is powerful.
Allah is alive with life not like ours.
Allah is clear of imperfection.
Allah is attributed with all proper perfection.

Allah is not something imagined in the mind.
Allah is not a body or form.
Allah is not a soul or form.
Allah is not a creation.

Allah has no partners in Godhood.
Allah has no wife or son.
Allah has no children.

Allah does not change.
Allah does not reside in the heavens.
Allah does not dwell in things
Allah does not resemble the creations in any way.

Allah created the universe, the place, the heavens, the throne, the earth.
Allah created the angels to obey him.
Allah created the Jinn and Humans.
Allah created everything.

Allah exists without a beginning.
Allah existed eternally before the creations.
Allah existed when there was no place, no throne, no heavens, no earth, no time, no light nor darkness.
Allah exists without 'how' or 'where'.
Allah exists without a place.



Muhammad  (sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam)

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
He is Muhammad the son of ^Abdillah the son of ^Abdil Muttalib the son of Hashim the son of ^Abd Manaf from the tribe of Quraysh, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam.
Prophet Muhammad was born in Makkah and died in Madinah
He was born in the month of Rabi^ al-’Awwal in the year of the Elephant (al-fil)
He was revealed as a prophet while he was in Makkah and his age was forty then

Prophet Muhammad immigrated to Madinah 13 years after he received the revelation
Prophet Muhammad lived in Madinah for 10 years.
Prophet Muhammad died and was buried in Madinah in the room of Umm al-Mu’minin ^A’ishah,may Allah raise her rank.
Prophet Muhammad was buried where he died, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam

Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet of time
Prophet Muhammad came with Islam by teaching and advising others
All prophets were Muslims and believers in Allah
Only Islam is the Accepted Religion by Allah

Prophet Muhammad is a human being, and the best of the creations
Prophet Muhammad was sent by Allah to all the creations of humans and jinn
Prophet Muhammad is truthful in all what he conveyed from Allah

Humans and jinn believe in his Islamic Laws which Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad teaches that if you help others Allah will help you
Allah revealed the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad slave to warn the humans and the jinn

Prophet Muhammad is truthful in conveying everything Allah ta^ala revealed to him
Prophet Muhammad told about the news of the previous nations and prophets
Prophet Muhammad told about the beginning of creation
Prophet Muhammad told about some of what will happen in this life and the Hereafter
Prophet Muhammad told about the lawful and unlawful doings and sayings of the slaves
Prophet Muhammad does not speak out of illusions, rather he speaks the revelation revealed to him