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In this lesson, you will hear some proofs on Mawlid - Celebrating Prophet Muhammad's Birth and its acceptance according to Qur'an, Hadith, and scholarly judgment.

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All honest Muslims are thankful to Allah for the blessings of Islam and for being among the followers of Muhammad. In Surat Al ^Imran, Ayah 31, Allah said:

(قُلْ إنْ كُنتُم تُحِبّون اللهَ فاتبعونىِ يُحببكُمُ الله) which means [If you love Allah, then follow the Prophet, and Allah will love you.] It is fitting to honor the Prophet. The Mawlid (the celebration of his birth) has a great benefit: it inspires the heart to have a more profound love for the Prophet.Hence, Celebrating The Birth of The Prophet Is a Good and Rewardable Innovation.