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All Messengers are Prophets; they are the best of men.
To Prophets God revealed the message; some written with a pen.

Prophets always told the truth from birth until their death.
Prophets never blasphemed from birth until their breath.

Great sins were never done by them nor a sin that's mean.
Prophets are the most beautiful men people have ever seen.

Every Prophet is a Muslim; all had the same belief.
Every Prophet told of Paradise and hellfire without relief.

Every person will either dwell in Paradise or in hell.
The dwelling is forever, so follow our Prophet well.

The Prophets lead the people on the path to Paradise.
Always follow Muhammad and take his good advice.

Before Muhammad were many noble Prophets true.
Jesus, Moses, Noah and Adam are names of only few.

We love God more than anyone and we love the Prophets all.