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What is the Islamic Judgment regarding exposing the animal to an electric shock prior to slaughtering?

If the animal recovers and returns to its natural state after having been stunned, then the animal was slaughtered, it remains lawful (halal) to consume it even though at the time of slaughtering the animal was in a state where it cannot see or hear and is unable to move. This is because the shock in itself did not result in the animal's death.

However, if the animal does not return to its natural state after being stunned, then is slaughtered it follows that the meat is not halal and consuming it would be unlawful unless one is certain that the animal was alive at the time of the slaughtering, evidence of which would be the gushing or spurting of blood.

The automatic slaughtering machine is not approved Islamically as a method of valid slaughtering as it does not meet one of the conditions stated above (i.e. the hand-slaughter by either a Muslim or kitabiyy).

We ask Allah to keep us steadfast to the methodology of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Ameen.