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Question about inheritance

Question- Assallamu alaikum. I am needing to fill out a form for superannuation.  As it is, I can nominate many recipients in the event of my death. I thought I may as well nominate now Islamically but I am not sure how that works. I am married with 1 son, a stepson and my parents are alive but living overseas.  I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Can you please advise me correctly so I can fill out the forms correctly. Jazakuallar khayir.

Answer - Wa Alaykumus-Salaam

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds and may Allah raise the rank of our dear Prophet Muhammad.

Your money should be distributed as follows:

- your mother takes 1/6 of the money

- your father takes 1/6 of the money

- your wife 1/8 of the money

- and the rest goes to your son

- step son is not entitled to anything

This is the case if you died and left the relatives you have mentioned.

And Allah knows best.