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Question 1 - The water was cut off from the taps in my area at the time of Dawn (Fajr) prayer, my question is; Is it valid for someone to perform Tayammum (Dry Purification) in this case?

Answer - Praise be to Allah and may Allah raise the rank of our Master Muhammad and protect his nation from that which he feared for them.

In the presence of suitable water, it is invalid to perform dry purification. In your case, you have the option to either access water from your neighbor or simply buy it.

For which person dry ablution (at-tayammum) is permissible?
A: The person who is permitted to perform tayammum for as-salah is the one who cannot find water or is harmed upon using it.

Q: When would at-tayammum be performed for fulfilling the obligation of praying?
A: At-tayammum is done for the obligatory prayer after the time of this prayer has sat in.

Q: If there was najas-filth on the body and the person did not have other than a little water. This water is enough either for al-wudu’ only or the removal of najas-filth only. What would the person do in this case?
A: The person uses water to remove the najas-filth of his body and perform at-tayammum for as-salah.

Q: What does one use for performing at-tayammum?
A: For performing at-tayammum one uses unmixed, purifying , un-used before and dusty soil. According to other than imam ash-Shafi^iyy, one may perform at-tayammum with stone.

Q: How would one perform at-Tayammum.
A: The person performs at-Tayammum by striking the soil with his hands one time. While doing that, the person intends to acquire the permissibility for praying. He keeps this intention also while he is transferring the soil up to his face until wiping the first part of his face. He then wipes his face. Then, he strikes the soil another time with which he wipes his hands and arms from the tip of the fingers to the elbows.