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The truth about Yashrutiyah Shadhiliyah Sufis

It’s said that they claim to follow Sheikh Aliy Noorud-Deen al-Yashrutiy from Tunisia who lived in ^akka, Palestine. He had followers, some of them deviated during his life and so he disowned them. They claim that Allah dwells in everyone, male or female, this kufur is worst then the kufur of jews and fire worshippers. They claim Allah is in everything, in fact one said to other you are Allah, this wall is Allah.. this is from the sever blasphemy. Allah is clear from dwelling in this, or from things dwelling in him, Allah has no shape or limit or body, Allah exists without a place. Sheikh Ali Noorud-Deen, Allah guided by him some people. But the others misguided, those Yashrutiyah when they gather men and women they shake hands of the marrigable woman and they say: We are the sufi people of Tariqah, they deemed a haram matter as halal wal^iyathubillah. A women among them said: I move my hand because Allah is in it. They are disbelievers.


We ask Allah to guide them to the truew way of Sufis and the true way of Ahlus-Sunnah.