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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله ربّ العالمين، وصلّى الله على رسول الله وعلى ءاله وصحبه وسلّم

The misguidance and the extreme radical ideas and beliefs of Wahhabis against Muslims:

- Wahhabis say reciting Qur’an for the dead Muslims is punishable and devious misguidance!!
See their book called "Fatawa Muhimma" p 32, and the Ibn Baz's Fatwa in "Tawjihat Islamiah: p137.

انظر كتابهم فتاوى مهمة ص 32 كما أفتى بذلك ابن باز وكتابهم "توجيهات إسلامية" ص137.

- They accuse hundreds of millions of Muslims with shirk blasphemy!
See their book "Fathul-Majeed" p190. And the wahhabi refutation by the Mufti of Makkah in his book "Durar as-Saniya" p46.

انظر كتابهم المسمى "فتح المجيد" ص 190. وانظر كتاب مفتي الشافعية "الدرر السنية في الرد على الوهابية" صحيفة 46

- Wahhabis permit the killing of all Muslims who oppose them!!

Refer to "Durar as-Saniya" p42, and the book "Umara' al-Balad al-Haram" p297, and the artilce of  Mohamed Hassanein Heikal as he exposes the wahhabis in "As-Safir" newspaper p11, June 30 2001.

 انظر كتاب "الدرر السنية" ص42 وكتاب "أمراء البلد الحرام" ص297 وجريدة السفير الصادرة يوم السبت بتاريخ 30 حزيران سنة 2001 ص 11 كشف محمد حسنين هيكل

- They oppose all Sunni scholars and breach the unanimous agreement of Muslims Ijma^!!
See Qannoojiy's book called "Ad-Deen al-Khalis" v1, and "Fathul-Majid" p190.

انظر كتاب القنوجي المسمى "الدين الخالص" (ج1). وكتاب "فتح المجيد" ص 190.

- They claim that visiting the graves of the Muslims on Eid is forbidden bid^a!!!
See the Wahhabi Muhammad Nasir al-Albaniy's book "Fatawa al-Albani" p63.

انظر كتابهم فتاوى الألباني ص 63

- They claim that "following the four schools of Ahlus-Sunnah (taqleed) is shirk"!
See the Fatwa of al-Qanoojiy in his book "ad-Deen al-Khalis" v1, p140.

(انظر فتوى القنوجي "تقليد المذاهب شرك" في كتابه المسمى "الدين الخالص" (ج1/140

- They claim that majority of Muslims (three quarters) today are blasphemers!
See their book "Fatehul-Majeed" p190.

انظر "فتح المجيد" ص 190 وقال ذلك مدرسهم في المسجد النبوي بعد صلاة الفجر سنة 1996

- They made Fatwa for an “unconditional lifetime peace with the Jews”!!
Refer to the fatwa on Ben Baz's website, and as exposed in 1994 in "Teleghraph" newspaper edition 2754:

كما على موقع ابن باز وانظر جريدة التلغراف العدد 2754 في 23/كانون الأول /1994

- They accused Palestinians with blasphemy and order them to leave Palestine for the jews!
See Albani's book "Fatawa al-Albaniy" p18, and "al-Liwa'" news paper of 1992:

انظر كتابهم فتاوى الألباني ص 18 و جريدة اللواء الأردنية في 7/8/1992 و شريط مسجل بصوت أحد زعمائهم

- Wahhabis accused the creed of the al-Azhar of Egypt with shirk!!
Refer to their magazine "adh-Dhikra" and there's a recording on this and refer to the wahhabi Sh. Abdur-Rahman Dimashqiah's website.

كما في مجلتهم الذكرى و شريط مسجل بصوتهم

- They claim that our master Adam was not a Prophet!
See their book called "al-'iman bil'anbia' jumla" for Abdullah bin Zaid, Beirut printing.

انظر كتابهم "الإيمان بالأنبياء جملة" لعبد الله بن زيد المكتب الإسلامي، بيروت.



Wahhabis' Takfeer (Declaring Blasphemy)

- They accused our lady Eve (Hawwa’) with shirk!!
Refer to book of al-Qanoojiy called "ad-Deen al-Khalis" v1, p160.

انظر كتابهم المسمى الدين الخالص ج1/ص 160

- They accused the great companion Bilal bin al-Harith al-Muzaniy with kufur and shirk for touching the Prophet's grave!!
See commentary of Ibn Baz on "Fathul bari" v2/p575, and commentary on "Sharhul Bukhariy" p95.

انظر تعليق ابن باز على فتح الباري طبع دار الريان للتراث ج2/575 وتعليقه على شرح البخاري ص 95

- Ibn Taymiah accuses lady Fatimah (the Prophet's daughter) with Hypocrisy!!!
Refer to the saying of Ibn Taimiah in his book "Minhaj as-Sunna".

انظر كلام ابن تيمية الحراني المنحرف في كتابه المسمى منهاج السنة النبوية.

- Ibn Taymiah objects on Imam Abdullah son of our Master Omar (Radiallahu ^Anhum) for praying in places where our Prophet prayed for tabarruk, and claims that "it's a reason to shirk" !!
See Ibn Taimiah's book "Iqtida' as-Sirat al-Mustaqim" p389-395

انظر كتاب ابن تيمية المجسم "اقتضاء الصراط المستقيم" ص 389ـ395


- Wahhabis declared misguidance on: Imam Nawawiy, Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalaniy, Imam Suyutiy. and all Ash'aris

See the Wahhabi shaykh ibn uthaymeen's book "Liqa' al-Bab al-Maftooh".

انظر كتاب ابن عثيمين "لقاء الباب المفتوح"

- They declared the Great Mujahid Sultan Salahud-Deen al-‘Ayoubiy as misguided Aqeedah!!
Refer to a recording by Jasir al-Hijazi in Saudi Arabia, and on their websites, and on Youtube Video Here

راجع الشريط المسجل بصوت شيخ للوهابية جاسر الحجازي وعلى موقعهم في الانترنت. ولدينا الشريط


- They deem most of the Ottoman Sultans as mushrik blasphemers!!
Refer to the previous refernce, and their book "Fatehul-Majeed" p352.

انظر نفس المصدر في الشريط المسجل بصوت جاسر الحجازي وانظر كتابهم "فتح المجيد" لعبد الرحمن حسن بن محمد بن عبد الوهاب، ص/352

- They declared as a blasphemer Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih (whom our Prophet praised in the hadith)!!
Refer to the previous refernce, and their book "Fatehul-Majeed".

انظر كتابهم "فتح المجيد" وانظر نفس المصدر في الشريط المسجل بصوت جاسر الحجازي

- Wahhabis claim that all Asharis Imams (like Nawawiy) and Maturidis (like Nasafiy) whom are the Majority of Ahlus-Sunnah are kuffar!!
See this takfir in the intro by Muhammad bin Salih al-Fawzan in the book called "at-Tawheed" for Ibn Khuzaima.

انظر مقدمة محمد بن صالح الفوزان عن الكتاب المسمى "التوحيد" لابن خزيمة


- They claim that ALL Islamic Tasawwuf Sufism is shirk and must be eradicated and targeted!

See their book quoted in "al-Majmoo^ al-Mufeed min Aqeedat at-Tawheed" p55, and "I^sar at-Tawheed by Nabil Muhammad. See more Arabic quotes here

انظر كتابهم المسمى "المجموع المفيد من عقيدة التوحيد" ص 55 وكتاب "إعصار التوحيد" لنبيل محمد.

- They declare Shirk on the one who says “la ilaha illallah” in the count of 1,000 times!! They also prohibit saying "Wahidooh" or say Tahleel in Jaznazah.
See the book "Halaqat Mamnoo^a" banned sessions by Hussam al-^Aqqad p25.

انظر كتابهم المسمى "حلقات ممنوعة" تأليف حسام العقاد ص 25

- They claim that Islam ceased to exist in the years between Ibn Taimiyah till Ibn Abdul-Wahhab!!

Refer to the book "Kitab At Tawheed By Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab" the found of wahhabism, and see the Wahhabi refutation by Mufti of Makkah in "Ad-Durar as-Saniyah" starting from page 42.

انظر كتاب ابن عبد الوهاب المسمى التوحيد. وانظر كلام مفتي مكة "الدرر السنية" ص 42 وما بعدها.

- They declare shirk on most Muslim countries namely: Egypt, Libya, Morocco, India, Persia, West Asia, Syria, Nigeria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Sudan, Tunisia, Marrakesh and Algeria accusing them with Kufur and Shirk
See this quoted explicitly in the book called "I^sar at-Tawheed" by Nabil Muhammad.

انظر كتابهم المسمى "إعصار التوحيد" لنبيل محمد

- Some Wahhabis claim that Hellfire will end as Ibn Taymiah claimed, and as confirmed by Albani and agreed by al-Qaradawi!!

Refer to the book "Raf^ul astar" verified by Albani 28, see "Hadil-'Arwah" book by Ibnul-Qaiyim Ibn Taimia's direct student p256, see "al-Qawl al-Mukhtar lifana' an-Nar" p7, "Sharh at-Tahawiah" by the Mushabbih Abul-^Iz p427.

انظر "رفع الأستار" تحقيق الألباني ص28 وكتاب "حادي الأرواح" لابن القيم ص256 وكتاب "القول المختار لفناء النار" لعبد الكريم الحميد، ص7، وشرح الطحاوية لابن أبي العز ص/427، المكتب الإسلامي-بيروت.

- Wahhabis follow Ibn Taymiah who claims that this world is eternal without a beginning!!!
See "Sharh at-Tahawiah" by the Abul-^Iz p132 which was praised by Ibn Baz.

انظر شرح الطحاوية لابن أبي العز (أثنى على كتابه ابن باز) ص132، المكتب الإسلامي، بيروت.


Wahhabi Fatwas against Women Rights in Islam

- They also follow Ibn Taymiah who claims that Triple Talaq divorce is not valid!!
See Ibn Taimiah's refutation by Muhammad bin Ali ad-Dahhan in "Risalah fir-Raddi ^ala Ibn Taimiah fi Mas'alat at-Talaq".

انظر كتاب الفقيه محمد بن علي الدهان "رسالة في الرد غلى ابن تيمية في مسألة الطلاق"

- They ban women from going on the internet alone by herself!!
As exposed by the fatwa in "Al-Qabas" newspaper nov. 12 2004.

انظر جريدة القبس يوم الجمعة نوفمبر 12, 2004 الكويت.

- They ban women from merely driving a car!!
See the Fatwa of Ibn Baz "Fatawa al-Mar'a" p 92 and book "Shubuhat".

انظر فتوى ابن باز في "فتاوى المرأة"، ص/92 ، دار الوطن ـ الرياض وكتاب شبهات في طريق المرأة المسلمة.

- They ban women from visiting the graves of the Muslims!!!
See Ibn Uthaymeen's fatwa in his book "Fatawa Muhimmah" p 149-150, Printed in Riad.

انظر فتوى ابن عثيمين المسمى "فتاوى مهمة" ص149-150، طبعة الرياض.

- They forbid women from merely wearing pants even if it was wide or in front of her husband!!
As declared in Ibn Baz's Fatwa in "ad-Da^wah" magazine p97, edition 1493 year 1995.

انظر فتوى ابن باز في مجلة الدعوة، عدد 1493هـ، عام 1995م، ص28.

- They ban women from teaching kids in schools!!
Refer to the Fatwa of Ibn Baz "Fatawa al-Mar'a" p 27 printed in Riad.

انظر نفس المصدر لابن باز "فتاوى المرأة" ص27 دار الوطن، الرياض.

- They claim that the voice of the women in front of men is ^Awrah and forbidden!!!
See the book of Ibn Jibreen "Fatawa al-Mar'a" p211, printed in Riad.

انظر كتاب الوهابي المجسم ابن جبرين "فتاوى المرأة: ص211، دار الوطن، الرياض.

- They forbid men from trimming anything from the beard at any time!!
See Fatwa by Ibn Baz in his book "at-Tahqiq wal 'Idah" p 16, a book distributed by wahhabis in Hajj or Omrah.

انظر فتوى ابن باز في كتابه المسمى "التحقيق والإيضاح لكثير من مسائل الحج والعمرة والزيارة" ص16

- They claim that saying "La ilaha illallah" in group Dhiker as forbidden bid^ah!!
See their book "Halaqat Mamnoo^a" banned sessions by Hussam al-^Aqqad p25 printed in egypt/Tanta.

انظر كتابهم "حلقات ممنوعة" لحسام العقاد ص/25 دار الصحابة طنطا.

- They claim that saying “Sadaqallahul-^Adhim” after reciting Qur’an is forbidden bid^ah!!
See Ibn Baz's fatwa in "al-Buhoot al-Islamiha" magazine ed45, year1416h, and their book "Tawjihat 'Islamiah" by Muhammad Zaino p81.

انظر قول ابن باز في مجلة البحوث الإسلامية/رئاسة البحوث العلمية والإفتاء، الرياض، عدد 45 عام 1416هــ وكتابهم المسمى "توجيهات إسلامية" محمد زينو ص81.

- Their leader and founder Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab considers all his Sheikhs as Kuffar!!
Refer to the letter "Risalat Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab to the people of Riad tarikh Najd" by Hussein bin Ghannam:

انظر رسالة محمد بن عبد الوهاب إلى أهل الرياض تاريخ نجد" لحسين بن غنام (2/137 ـ 138 )

- They claim if a man does not pray in Jama^ah then he is banned from marriage!!
See their Fatwa "Fatawa al-Mar'a" p103 printed in Riad.

انظر "فتاوى المرأة" ص103، دار الوطن، الرياض.

- Wahhabis claim that hanging Qur’anic verses on the neck (Hirz or ta^weedh) or on the Walls is Haram!!
See Ibn Baz's Fatwa in his book "Fatawa Muhimma" p110-111, printed in Riad.

انظر فتوى ابن باز الأعمى في الكتاب المسمى "فتاوى مهمة" ص110ـ111 دار العاصمة، الرياض.

- They forbid saying “Good Morning” and claim it’s an imitation to Jews!!
See their book "'Akhta' Sha'i^ah" by Muhammad Zaino p67, printed in Riad Saudi Arabia.

انظر كتابهم المسمى "أخطاء شائعة" لمحمد زينو، ص67، دار الصميعي، الرياض.

- They forbid saying the full "Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim" before eating!!
See their book "'Akhta' Sha'i^ah" by Muhammad Zaino p68, printed in Riad Saudi Arabia.

انظر نفس الكتاب "أخطاء شائعة" لمحمد زينو، ص68، دار الصميعي، الرياض.

- They accuse Muslims with atheism for making ta’weel interpretations to Qur’an!!
See their book called "al-Qawa^id al-Muthla" by Uthaimeen, p45.

انظر الكتاب المسمى "القواعد المثلى" للعثيمين، ص45 الرياض.

- al-Albaniy objects on Imam al-Bukhariy for interpreting Surat 28, Ayah 88 {'illa Wajhah} with Dominion!!
In his book "Fatawa al-Albani" p523, Albani said Imam al-Bukhariy's ta'weel: "Whoever makes such an interpretation ta'weel, is not a Muslim"

انظر كتاب "فتاوى الالباني" ص523 حيث اعترض الألباني على تأويل البخاري وقال: من يؤول هذا التؤيل لا يكون مسلما.


- They consider Muslims visiting each other on Eid festive as a forbidden bid^ah!
Refer to Albani's book "Fatawa al-Albani" p63.

انظر كتاب "فتاوى الألباني" ص63 دار الجيل، بيروت.


Collective Takfeer

- Wahhabis as people of Egypt as grave worshipers to Imam Ahmad al-Badawiy!!

See Ibn Baz's commentary on "Fatehul-Majid" p216.

انظر تعليق ابن باز على كتابهم "فتح المجيد" ص216، دار أولي النهى.

- They accuse people of Sham (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) as Mushriks worshiping Ibn ^Arabi!!

See Ibn Baz's commentary on "Fatehul-Majid" p217.

انظر تعليق ابن باز على كتابهم "فتح المجيد" ص217، دار أولي النهى.


- They accuse people of Hijaz and Yemen as "grave and stone worshipers" !!

See Ibn Baz's commentary on "Fatehul-Majid" p217.

 انظر  تعليق ابن باز على كتابهم "فتح المجيد" ص217، دار أولي النهى.


- They claim saying Tawheed kalimah (Wahhidullah) in funerals as forbidden!!

See their book "al-Mawt ^idhatuhu wa 'ahkamuh" p29, by Ali Abdul-Hameed Printed in jordan.
 انظر كتاب "الموت عظاته وأحكامه" لعلي عبد الحميد ص29، المكتبة الإسلامية، الأردن.


- They ban using a vehicle to transfer the dead to cemetery!
See same book "al-Mawt ^idhatuhu wa 'ahkamuh" p30 and 43.

انظر كتابهم "الموت عظاته وأحكامه" لعلي عبد الحميد ص30 و43، المكتبة الإسلامية، الأردن.


- They claim that using the Masbahah Tashbeeh beads for dhiker as forbidden bid^ah!!!
See the book "Silsilat al-ahadith al-da^ifah" Hadith#83, by al-Albani who falsely claims to be a Muhaddith, and admitted that he doesn't memorize the hadiths!!

انظر كتاب المتمحدث الألباني الوهابي المسمى " سلسلة الأحاديث الضعيفة "، رقم الحديث/83.‏


Our response to all these accusations is that our Prophet peace be upon him said in the hadith:
"لا يجمع الله أمتي على ضلالة"

Which means: “Allah protected my nation from straying unanimously”. However, Wahhabis declare the majority of the Muslims as blasphemers and thus promote chaos in communities. And this is a portion of their deviated beliefs that every sane Muslim disagrees with. We have the full references from their books to each and every saying we mentioned here, and we have not exaggerated a bit in exposing their false claims. We find these radical beliefs in the books of the Wahhabis that are floating around specially in poor countries labeled “Free Books, Not to be Sold” with attractive paintings but full of poisonous devious ideologies. One must warn from their books that that ruin the thoughts of our communities just like inserting poison in the honey and feeding it to people.

We warn as our Prophet sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, warned us against those who deviate from him in a hadith related by al-Bukhariyy and Muslim:
"أناس من جلدتنا، يتكلمون بألسنتنا، تعرف منهم وتنكر، دعاة على أبواب جهنم من أطاعهم قذفوه فيها".

which means: "There are people whose skin is the same color as ours, who speak the same language as we speak, they mix correct matters which you know with bad matters which you denounce [they mix the correct statements with the deviated ones]. They stand by the gates of Hellfire inviting others to enter. If one listens to them, they push him in."

It is of utmost importance for the Muslims and people in communities to look thoroughly at whom they acquire knowledge from, and so beware of Wahhabis. Imam Muslim related in his Sahih the saying of the highly esteemed follower of the companions, Muhammad Ibn Sirin: إن هذا العلم دين فانظروا عمّن تأخذون دينكم

which means: "This knowledge contains the rules of the Religion, so look thoroughly into the person from whom you acquire the knowledge of your Religion."

We ask Allah to guide us to what is acceptable, enable us to be always steadfast on the path of the Prophet, and to be always protectors and defenders of the creed of Ahlus-Sunnah that the Prophet brought to the people. And Allah knows best.



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