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Among the sins of the abdomen are to consume Alcohol, to consume whatever is intoxicating, najas-filthy and revolting.


The Prophet, Peace be upon him said:

وما أَسْكَرَ مِنْهُ الفَرَقُ فَمِلْءُ الكَفِّ مِنْهُ حَرامٌ

[Wama askara minhul-faraqu, famil’ul kaffe minho haram ]

This Means “If the drink does not intoxicate until one consumes a whole faraq of it, then drinking even a handful of it is prohibited” narrated by AbuDawud. Note: A faraq is a big container which is equal to sixteen (16) baghdadiyy ritls, which about 6 liters or 1.6 gallons

Our master ^Umar, may Allah raise his rank, narrated by Al-Bukhariyy mentioned:

الخَمْرُ ما خامَرَ العَقْلَ

[ Al-Khamru ma Khamaral-^aql ]

This Means: “Wine is the drink that intoxicates the mind”


In addition to what was mentioned earlier, it is not permissible to consume any substance, which renders one’s mind dysfunctional, even if it does not cause intoxication, this includes marijuana, opium, cocaine, drugs like hallucination pills , and the like.

Consuming Najas-filth is among the sins of the abdomen, like blood, pig and maytah (improperly killed animal), also it is prohibited to eat anything normally considered revolting. The criterion is that, if at the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him, the Arabs considered something as khabith-revolting, then it is prohibited to consume it. Although not Najas, it is not permissible to consume snails because it is khabith-revolting, and saliva after it separates from the mouth, nasal seepage and maniyy because each of them is revolting.


* None of the Prophets of Allah consumed alcohol.