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This is How Prophet Muhammad was..

He was gentle, generous, and smiled often ..

He used to listen to the young and old with love and care..

He never complained or said “Uff” to his servant..

He used to help his spouse and serve himself..

He used to connect his kin and honor his relatives.

He used to initiate the talk with his guests and listens carefully to them..

He used to accept the invitation of the slave and free.. 

He used to accept the gift and return better then it..

He used to initiate the greeting and shaking the hand of others.. and would not let go till the other does..

He would not interrupt others..

He used forgive who wronged him.. he used to supplicate with guidance even to those who harmed him and injured his foot and body..

If he saw what he loved he would say: “all praise are due to Allah the merciful"..

And if he liked what he saw he would say: “O Allah the real joyful living is in the hereafter”.. 

He use to precede everyone if any harm or danger threatened the Muslims..

He used fulfill his promises if he promised..


He used worship Allah day and night while people are asleep.

He was the best and greatest man that God created.


صلى رب الكون وسلم عليك يا محمد يا نعم المؤيد سيد الرجال الممجد يا بحر الكمال والجمال يا محمد. صلى الله عليه وءاله وصحبه وسلم.