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3 Steps to clean your computer from:

Viruses . Spyware . Trojan Ads

ثلاث أشياء حتى تنظف جهازك

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1. Clean. To scan your computer from viruses click Scan Now! Then download this free BitDefender antivirus Program or AVG to keep your computer protected all the time.


2. Now download Ad-Aware (right click and save) Malwarebytes to clean your computer from Spyware and bugs.

Free Malware Removal Tools. Use this RegCleaner to fix bad files in registry. And use this TinyFirewall to protect. (MB Id: 3DC67, Key: 6BE7-G8GC-TFG3-PAJY)


3. Clean. Fix. Organize.  To do that follow these steps:

A. Clean: I suggest you delete all your internet temporary files, that way you don't have bad files from the net and you save space!. To do that (for winXP) :: Open My Computer -> Right click on (C:) which is your hard drive -> Select Properties -> Click Disk Cleanup at the bottom -> A small wizard will come up and then you I would check all the boxes and click Ok and then Yes to delete all temporary files.

B. Fix: After you clean from viruses and ad-aware, you should scan your disk from errors. To do that (for winXP): Open My Computer -> Right click on (C:) which is your hard drive -> Select Properties -> Click Tools tab -> Click Check Now -> Put a check on both boxes and click Start.

B. Organize: After you check disk from errors and reboot computer, you should defrag your computer to organize your files. To do that follow same steps above and click Defragment. Or click Start -> Run -> type dfrg.msc that will open an application, click Defragment.


Alsunna Tech Advices: Do not click on any pop up. Do not accept any file from anyone that you don't know. If you want to accept a file or download a file, check with the person sending you the file and ask what the file is. Also scan your PC from viruses. Implement what's in this page once a month. Use FireFox Browser instead of Internet Explorer. To download it click Firefox. See our Download Page for more freeware.

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