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What is the invalidators of wudu'?


The invalidators of wudu' are matters which break wudu'. When one’s wudu’ is invalidated, one must make wudu' again to pray. The invalidators are:

•   Materials exiting from the eliminatory outlets, such as urine, feces, gas, or stomach worms.

• Touching the anus, vagina, or penis with one's bare palm.

• Touching the skin of the marriageable woman without a barrier.

• Losing one's mind by craziness, fainting, or intoxication.

• Sleeping without having one's buttocks firmly seated. If one slept without a gap between one's buttocks and the floor, then one’s wudu' would not be invalid.


The person who loses his wudu' is prohibited to perform the obligatory and recommended prayers and tawaf. Tawaf, i.e., circumambulating the Ka^bah, has the same status as praying, except that talking is allowed throughout.


It is also unlawful for the person who lost his wudu' to carry the Qur’an and to touch it, i.e., or the paper connected to it or its cover, except if necessary.


It is permissible for the one who lost his wudu' to recite the Qur’an, and to enter and stay in the masjid.