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The truth about Hassan Qatirji and Khaled al-Jundiy


Hassan Qatirjiy:

This man follows Sayid Qutub (of Hizbul-Ikhwan) in his extreme beliefs. Claims that no matter how many times one curses Allah, he is still a Muslim as long as he does not choose another religion. He claims that Women must cover their faces otherwise they are enormous sinners. Calls for extreme beliefs that permits the killing of Muslims for following the local governments even in the smallest maters.

Khaled al-Jundiy:

He says that there’s no harm in choosing any religion, and the one who wants to apostate is most welcome. He claims that there’s not such thing as al-Qur’an is a cure. And he says about our masters Abu Bakr and Omar believe in beliefs that are not accepted by the sound mind. He claims that a non pious Muslim does not benefit from the Qur’an. He claimed that Allah dwells in things, and that Allah resides in a direction. He accused Prophet Ibrahim with shirk (associating partner to Allah) and other blasphemous beliefs.


We ask Allah to guide them to the truth and to protect us from misguidance.